Thursday, February 24, 2011

#FinesseApproved Philosophies on Love...... DATING/Courtship

Hello Sweeties!

It's been a LOOOOONG time since I have written, and I do apologize for that. Sometimes I just have these period when nothing inspires me to write (or nothing that I can openly speak on!)

*kat stacks voice* ANYWAY DOE, I had one of those days on FB when I just went ham on everything I thought about. You know how I do....I get one one subject, then max out my characters on one status so I write another one? Yeeeeah...

So I was thinking about how "Dating" or to be more specific, "Courtship" is a dying practice. (For those of you who are clueless as to the whole world of dating and courtship

Does anyone notice how even in music they went from



A lot of men don't ask me out on dates anymore honestly. Especially on FB, I get a lot of "Hey sexy...." and then they proceed to tell me how they would screw me... and I expect that being that I'm an eye candy model. But that doesn't mean I accept it. Even when I am fully clothed (in other words, just being my average, non sexual self) the best that men offer me at first is Waffle House or something janky like that. #Unacceptable. Men not only fail to try to impress women these days...but they throw a "bitchfit" if they have to pay! What is THAT about?

And I can't even blame it ALL on the men. Women, we have taken ourselves down off of that pedestal we once stood on. No, don't blame it on the strippers or video girls. Blame it on us woman as a whole. We do NOT have to accept a lot of the stuff that we do, but a lot of us are so scared to be alone (because our value is determined by whether or not we have a man) that we make little sacrifices here and there, but at WHAT expense? If we RAISE the bar, they have no choice but to reach up to come on our level. Don't make it easier than it has to be! Not saying we should "play games" just remember who you are and what you stand for, and NEVER compromise it. That makes things a lot easier. Hell, you can even start by refusing to go into a man's house. it's a tiny step, but think about the HUGE statement you are making by not making sex a possibility. There used to be a time when a young lady going over to a man's house unaccompanied was unheard of. While I think women should have say over what they do and do not do, I believe the PRINCIPLE behind it should be examined. When you refuse to go to his house or you refuse to invite him over, what message is that sending? To me it says "Sex isn't about to happen, not on your terms". You maintain control of the situation by maintaining control of the environment! Also, that cuts down on the confusion of having different men in and out of your house! lol

I often find myself having to set these men straight, both online and offline, and even then, the best date they can think of is "dinner and a movie".....There's no romance, no courtship and no chivalry.....Am I right, or am I wrong for NOT wanting to "buss it open" for a number 7 from Mickey D's and a dollar movie? What do y'all think?

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