Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For The Love of Cheri

At the request of a couple of my Tweethearts from Twitter, I have decided to write a post and tell you guy exactly what it takes to win Cheri's heart.

First off, know that I am just a regular female. I don't chase after rappers/athletes, and the like. I mean, I WILL talk to them, but what you do for money is not my concern (unless it is illegal, because I promise if they put me in an interrogation room and they say "It's HIM or YOU", I'm choosing me everytime -shrug-) ANYWHO, that's neither here or there. Let me get to the good stuff (in no particular order).

1.)He has to catch my eye physically. He doesn't have to be a male model, or even what MOST people would consider good looking. There are just certain guys that I am attracted to for some reason. A pretty smile, nice eyes (and by nice, I don't mean light colored...I mean a stare...a look that just makes me stop what I am doing), smooth skin are all things that I find attractive. I don't normally go for the pretty boys...mainly because a relationship between me and a guy can't work out if he swears he is prettier than me! ;)

2.) He has to have (as much as I hate using this term) "swag". Not that store bought, commercialized swag, but a genuine aura about them that does NOT stem from what they are wearing. He has to command attention when he walks into a room. Like I have to see him, and WANT to know him. He HAS to be smooooth.

3.) He has to be spiritual. He has to believe in God. That there is something greater than ourselves. VERY important.

3.) He has to be a gentleman. I love GENTLEMEN. The type of man that won't grab you out of a crowd, the type of man that will open a door, and will never let you go in your pocket. He has to treat women in general with a certain level of respect. Even if it's someone who society generally looks down on (such as strippers) he has to be able to speak to her respectfully. He definitely has to treat his mother/sisters well. How a man treats the women in his life says a lot about how he will treat me.

4.) He has to be aggressive. I like an aggressive man. Not aggressive in the "I will rape you" type way, but in the "I know what I want, and I fully intend to get it" type way.

5.) He has to have a future. I am on my grind and FULLY expect him to be on his. Whether it is school, work, a business, I expect him to have plans and to be actively working on them! ALSO very important.

6.) He has to smell good...plain and simple

Bonus: He can't let everyone into his house. He doesn't speak to every female in the same manner. He loves music. He loves art. He's creative. He's outspoken. He listens.SPONTANEOUS. He has a sense of humor.

Annnnnnd.... that, is MY ideal man.;)Pretty simple, huh? lol