Monday, February 28, 2011

#FinesseApproved Artist K'La

So, everyone knows that I was in the running to become Foxie 103's newest radio personality, correct? And we all know I got SNUBBED eliminated from that position, right? Yeah....That's neither here nor there....

ANYWHO during the said competition we were required to have some time on air with one of the personalities, Chillz. During my time in the studio, I heard a song who's beat reminded me of Bob Marley's "Turn Your Lights Down Low"...As I listened further I heard a female voice come on the track..."It's hard loving someone else...When you've barely got enough to love yourself......".
Just from the first sentence, I was hooked....I soon found out that the artist who sings and raps on this song is no other than the one and only Britanie "K'La" Buggs. I, being the curious individual that I am had to check her out on her mixtape "The Coldest Winter Ever"

An emcee, singer and songwriter all rapped up in one, I have yet to hear a track by K'La that hasn't impressed me! It's also refreshing to hear a female be so lyrical and not so much vulgar as REAL. Every one of her tracks content wise is something that ANYONE could relate to, and lyrically she paints a picture in such a way as I haven't heard in a while.

Here's K'La's song "All Your Love" off of her recent mixtape "Coldest Winter Ever". This is something you can just sit back and chill to, so ENJOY!

Keep an eye out for K'La!

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