Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who's Hair? Setting the Record Straight (or curly)

"Hello, My name is Cheri, and I am an occasional weave wearer"


That being said, as you may or may not be able to tell, that's what this post is about. WEAVE. Sew Ins, Micros, Extensions, Fusions, *sharp intake of air* Tree Braids, Bonded, Half wigs, fullcaps, Lace fronts, Drawstring ponytails,Basket weave, Quick weave....Then there's human hair, synthetic, wefted, bulk, Remy, Non Remy....I could do this alll day.
There are a wide variety to choose from. And just as there's a wide variety of weave and ways to apply it, there's just as wide a variety of opinions about it. Some people LOVE it. Others detest it. A lot of people have no opinion at all.

Personally, I feel like it really is no one's business what a female (or male, if that's how you get down) chooses to put in her hair. While I do believe bad weaves should be BANNED, Truly, the decision comes down to the wearer of the weave about what SHE (or he) wants to do.
And for anyone to judge some one's CHARACTER based off of what they are wearing in their hair is JUST as shallow as the person who is judging claims the weave wearer to be.

Wearing weave isn't a question of whether or not the person is trying to be themselves. They are trying to make a better version of themselves. Or maybe not even a better version. Maybe they just want to experiment. I would like to point out that not all weaves make your hair appear longer. I could get a wig and walk around with the "Keri Hilson" cut. Or I can get a sew in weave and get the "Rihanna" bob. Sometimes it's not even about the length. I have been around many females with a great hair length that just want their hair to be thicker, or a different color, so they get a few tracks sewn in. BIG freakin' Whoop.

With me, variety is key. Who wants to wear the SAME hair style over and over *breathe intake* and over and over? Honestly, I don't. And I think I shouldn't be judged for it. I can understand that SOME females throw a curly half wig on and walk around pretending to be Puerto Rican, BUT really, is that ANY of your business? Yes, it is irritating seeing a girl who is obviously 100% Black try to pretend to be anything but, but it is NOT your business, nor mine!

Guys are ESPECIALLY bad about this. How many guys have you heard say this, or something along these lines: "I like my women REAL. No weave". But if you were to ask these VERY SAME males who would they sleep with/date/marry if they could choose anyone, they automatically jump up and say "Beyonce" or "Halle Berry". DO you see the contradiction? Beyonce is FAMOUS for wearing lacefronts, and how many times have you seen Halle, or ANY Hollywood female with short hair one moment and hair down to their back when you change the channel. COME ON SON! How many guys choose a female who clearly doesn't wear weave?.... None. Why? Because MOST men cannot tell a weave from natural hair. All they see is hair down to a female's waist and they start stalking. I doubt any straight male has paused to go:"Gee, I WONDER if that is a sew in using Remy hair?" If You have, Let ME know.

A female wearing weave is her decision. She is not less of a woman if she wears it. The same way a woman who colors her hair is not any LESS her if she changes her hair color. Or a guy is any less him if he cuts his hair. You weren't born blonde! You weren't meant to have short hair! So how dare you judge someone for wearing HAIR ACCESSORIES? Because, at the end of the day, they are just accessories that can be taken out and added at will. Less permanent than YOUR hair cut or YOUR color.

*steps down off soap box*...."That is all"

Love Always,
Cheri "Unbe-WEAVE-able" Finesse ;)

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