Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Stereotypes of a Model Part 1.

A few weeks ago, I came to my mom and told her I wanted to model. And I got the side eye. Then the hatemail on Formspring began to pile in with comments such as: "No one will ever respect you if you model". I have noticed ONE consistency whenever I hear about models, and that would be the stereotypes that any type of model has to deal with. From intellect, to lifestyle, to personality.While they vary from one genre of modeling to another, there are some consistencies over all the genres.
One stereotype that I commonly hear applied to all types of modeling is that models are somehow intellectually inferior to those who are not "the model type". I guess the logic follows that because they are considered "pretty" they automatically get what they want, and are not required to use their brain.
Another I hear a lot is the question of a models lifestyle. Sexually promiscuous, partying all the time, drug usage, you name it, they do it.
The last stereotype that I hear a lot is because they are SO beautiful, they MUST be bi***es.

Then there's the stigma that comes from each type of modeling, High Fashion and Urban to be exact.

For example, High fashion modeling: skinny white "B-words" who are strung out on coke, use eating disorders as a form of weight control, and are often bisexual and/or engage in frequent orgies.

Urban models often have to deal with the stigma of being (as one of my oh so loyal followers MR_9TA5_SPM pointed out)
Big booty bi***es that f*** their way to the top and often are called music video hoes and what not...Dudes will holla because you seem "easy".

(by the way, I would like to add that he finds these stereotypes misleading and disrespectful, so FOLLOW HIM)
I guess we can thank Superhead and songs like "Wouldn't Get Far" by Game for the perpetuating of these stereotypes.

For the record, I know people who are dumb as rocks and ugly, and STILL are good for a free f***! Likewise, I know some BEAUTIFUL smart women who do not sleep around.

But I guess at the end of the day, those who choose to go into modeling know these stereotypes, and have decided that the benefits outweigh the haters. It's funny that a society who looks at models as the physical idea of what you are supposed to be would think that these people are so f***ed up without having any prior knowledge of the individual. I guess it's just a way to balance things out. If you are pretty, you must be dumb, because you CAN'T have it all. If you are ugly, you HAVE to be smart, because you have to have something going for you. I've come to realize this: the people that talk down about models are USUALLY the ones who want to be them, or even be with them...Go figure.

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