Monday, May 3, 2010

Matters of the heart

It's funny how when dealing with matters of the heart, there can be two people who are romantically involved with each other in the same situation, and yet, two completely different things are happening in two separate worlds. That's why open, honest, and thoughtful communication is so very important to the vitality of any relationship. When you eliminate communication, you are allowing assumptions to take the front seat and drive which is always dangerous.

For example, here's the reality of the situation: A man and a woman are romantically involved/ "dating"
HE SAYS: This is just a fling, she and I aren't be anything more. We go out, we have sex, end of story.
SHE SAYS: We are together, Even though we never discussed it. We go out, we have sex, he's my man.

DO you see where wires can get crossed? A simple talk could have cleared things up for both parties, and yet, we so often neglect to voice exactly what it is we want out of a situation when we go into it. Probably because everything is always great in the beginning, and both parties may think a "talk" could mess things up. But if you think a talk could mess things up, that is perhaps when you need to talk the most. That way both parties leave with their dignity and their hearts still intact.

Two people, one situation, and yet two completely different stories....


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